Maximize Visibility with Class 3 Hi Vis Safety Shirts

For hazardous work environments with poor visibility, Class 3 hi vis safety shirts provide maximum protection. Our shirts feature comprehensive reflective striping for 360-degree visibility from all angles. The durable, comfortable materials also allow for ease of movement on the jobsite.

Why Choose Class 3 Hi Vis Safety Shirts

Class 3 hi vis safety shirts meet the highest safety standards, ensuring you stay seen in even the dimmest conditions. The extensive reflective detailing provides unmatched visibility for your entire team. But the shirts also utilize quality fabrics, keeping you cool and flexible.

Key Features of Our Class 3 Shirts

Our Class 3 hi vis safety shirts contain:

  • Durable yet stretchy polyester/spandex material

  • Vibrant color options like yellow, orange, green, etc.

  • Customization such as logos and unique designs

  • 360-degree reflective strips for maximum visibility

  • Sizes from S-5XL for optimal coverage and fit

Customized Class 3 Shirts for Your Needs

We offer extensive customization options on our Class 3 hi vis safety shirts to meet your specific requirements. Add your logo, choose unique designs, order specific sizes or custom cuts – we can create the perfect shirt for your team and work environment.

Choosing the Right Class 3 Hi Vis Shirt

When selecting a Class 3 hi vis safety shirt, focus on maximum visibility and safety certifications. Opt for reflective fabric with comprehensive striping. Prioritize durable, breathable, flexible materials for all-day comfort on the jobsite. Measure accurately for proper coverage and fit.


With unparalleled visibility, durable construction and full customization, our Class 3 hi vis safety shirts provide the ultimate protection on hazardous jobsites. Ensure your team meets the highest safety standards in style and comfort.