Stand Out and Stay Safe with Funny Hi Vis Shirts

When working in hazardous conditions with poor visibility, funny hi vis shirts allow you to add style while remaining safe. Our shirts feature reflective stripes that make you visible from a distance, along with hilarious quotes and designs to show off your personality.

Why Choose Funny Hi Vis Shirts for Safety and Laughs

Funny hi vis shirts give you 360-degree visibility thanks to comprehensive reflective striping. This ensures you are seen from all angles, preventing accidents in low light. The shirts also utilize durable, comfortable fabrics so you can work with ease. With clever quotes and designs, these shirts add humor to workplace safety.

Key Features of Our Hilarious Hi Vis Shirts

Our funny hi vis shirts include:

  • Premium polyester and spandex fabric that is sturdy yet flexible

  • A spectrum of bright colors like yellow, orange, green, etc.

  • Customization options to add brand logos or unique designs

  • Reflective highlights for maximum visibility

  • Sizes from S to 5XL for a comfortable, safe fit

Custom Funny Shirts to Boost Morale and Safety

Our funny hi vis shirts allow extensive customization so your team stays safe while showing off their personalities. Add your brand logo or choose funny designs to build team spirit. Order specific sizes or bespoke fits for the perfect comedic look.

Choosing the Right Funny Hi Vis Shirt for You

Consider your needs when selecting the ideal funny hi vis shirt. For hazardous work, choose Class 2 or 3 with reflective stripes. If promoting your brand, add its logo. For recreation, focus on comfort and hilarious designs that match your style. Measure correctly for the best fit.


With reflective stripes, durable fabric and endless customization, our funny hi vis shirts fuse high visibility safety and laugh-out-loud style. Keep your team secure and smiling on the jobsite with these multitalented shirts.