Stay visible and stylish on the job with our must-have hi vis safety shirts. Made for optimal visibility in dimly-lit outdoor work environments, these shirts are designed to keep you safe without compromising on looks.

Our hi vis safety shirts check all the boxes:

  • 360° reflective striping ensures you stay conspicuous from every angle, even in low light conditions. Drivers and pedestrians will spot you from a distance, reducing on-site accidents.
  • Constructed using a durable, breathable polyester and spandex blend. The fabric is sturdy yet comfortable, so you can move freely while protected.
  • Available in both Class 2 and Class 3 variants to suit all job site needs. Class 3 offers the highest level of visibility for the most hazardous environments.
  • A wide color spectrum including vibrant shades like safety green, orange and yellow as well as more understated tones like gray and navy blue. Color options for every preference.
  • Comprehensive size range from S to 5XL provides a tailored fit for every body type. A properly fitted shirt ensures optimal mobility and protection.
  • Fully customizable with your brand logo or unique designs. Promote your brand and enhance workplace safety through increased visibility.

Why Our Hi Vis Safety Shirts Lead the Category

When it comes to hi vis safety, our shirts are simply unparalleled.

The reflective stripes deliver 360° visibility even in near pitch-black conditions, vastly reducing hazards from low visibility. The hardy, flexible fabric blend also enables full maneuverability for safe working.

The extensive size and color options allow you to dial in the perfect fit and look for every team member, keeping them protected in style. Custom embroidered logos integrated seamlessly promote your brand while boosting on-site visibility and safety.

Whether you need basic high visibility or branded, tailored designs, our hi vis safety shirts deliver on all counts. They combine certified safety, comfort, style and customization at an accessible price point.

Finding Your Perfect Hi Vis Safety Shirt

Choosing your ideal hi vis safety shirt depends primarily on your specific needs:

  • For general occupational safety, opt for a Class 2 or Class 3 shirt with 360° striping for optimal visibility. Durable, breathable fabrics provide protection without restricting movement.
  • If brand promotion is a priority, customize your shirts with embroidered logos on the front or back. This boosts brand visibility while keeping your team safe.
  • For recreational activities, prioritize comfort with soft, lightweight fabrics. Go for trendy colors and designs that align with your personal style.
  • Measure body dimensions accurately and review size charts. A properly fitted shirt ensures safety by avoiding limited mobility.
  • Consider job hazards, weather, work hours and conditions to determine the right level of visibility and protection. Class 3 is ideal for the highest risk environments.

The bottom line: Our hi vis safety shirts merge certified protection, comfort, style and full customization. For full coverage safety with maximum visibility plus brand promotion, they are the ideal choice. Invest in protection and brand visibility without compromising looks or comfort.