Customize Reflective Company Uniforms for Safety & Style

For hazardous work environments with low visibility, customized company uniforms allow you to seamlessly combine workplace safety and professional branding. Our uniforms feature reflective 360-degree striping for unmatched visibility and space to boldly display your logo.

Why Choose Custom Company Uniforms

Customized company uniforms with reflective detailing meet Class 2 or 3 safety certifications, ensuring employee visibility. Quality fabrics also provide all-day comfort and durability. Prominent logo placement promotes unity and professionalism.

Key Features of Our Company Uniforms

Our customized company uniforms offer:

  • Durable, stretchy fabric blends

  • Vibrant color options for high visibility

  • Custom logo integration on shirts, vests, coats

  • 360 degree reflective striping for full visibility

  • Consistent, professional styling

Build Your Brand with Uniform Customization

We offer extensive customization on our company uniforms to fully showcase your brand. Choose designs, colors, add prominent logos on multiple garments, customize sizing for the perfect representation of your business.

Choosing the Best Custom Uniforms

When selecting custom company uniforms, prioritize safety certifications, optimal reflective visibility, quality materials and locations to boldly display your branding for professional consistency.


Our customized company uniforms effortlessly combine maximum employee safety, functionality and effective branding through reflective detailing, custom logo integration and consistent professional styling.