Show Your Edgy Side in HI-SKULL Collections: Skull-Designed Hi Vis for Skull Lovers

Our HI-SKULL Collections allow skull lovers to fuse crucial workplace safety with eye-catching skull designs. These hi visibility products feature reflective striping and bold skull graphics that maximize visibility while revealing your edgy style.

Why Skull Lovers Choose HI-SKULL

HI-SKULL Collections meet ANSI Class 2 and 3 ratings for guaranteed on-site protection. Vibrant backgrounds, 360° reflective properties and quality fabrics boost visibility while signature skull designs display attitude.

Key Features of HI-SKULL Lines

Our HI-SKULL Collections offer:

  • ANSI 107-compliant safety products
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics
  • Highly visible colors like safety yellow
  • Customizable skull patterns and graphics
  • Available in sizes S-5XL

Edgy Skull Designs – Safely Visible

We design vibrant HI-SKULL Collections that allow skull lovers to showcase daring personality on the job, with crucial reflective properties and ANSI ratings upholding safety. Our products fuse bold graphics with maximum visibility.

Choosing Your Ideal HI-SKULL Gear

When picking HI-SKULL apparel, ensure ANSI compliance along with moisture-wicking fabrics. Optimize for bright colors and reflective properties to maximize visibility. Then customize signature skull patterns to portray your edgy spirit.


Our HI-SKULL Collections seamlessly blend essential ANSI-rated on-site protection with vibrant skull graphics that boldly showcase attitude and edgy style in highly visible safety gear.